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The ceramic art in our island has its roots deep in time.
The Minoans, excellent artisans, had evolved the pottery art at high levels, creating unique art Cretan ceramics, some of which you can see in the museums of all over the world.
Seeing the technique and form of these vessels, we believe that we are the modern followers of their art.

cretan ceramics pottery workshop
Our pottery workshop is located in Thrapsano village, a few kilometers from the ancient Knossos, which is historically recorded as the largest pottery center in Crete.


potter nikos ploumakis

Our laboratory, following the local and family tradition, is running for four decades continuing the art of pottery, creating handmade utilitarian and decorative ceramics.
With respect to the past, we are creating clean traditional forms, and the same time, constructing modern forms at a very large variety. Also we have the technique and the means to manufacture any kind of ceramic by demand.

potter george ploumakis

The gained experience over the years, through the construction of countless products, and the excellent cooperation with our customers from Greece and abroad, enables us to continue vigorously, maintaining our uncompromising

  • quality,
  • reliability and
  • creativity

Cretan Pots Creation

Ceramics Raw Materials

The raw materials of our ceramic are soil and water. On special orders, we use glazing materials for decorative and practical purposes, since ceramics confer special colors and surface that is...

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Cretan Ceramics - Creation

We are creating our pots on pottery wheel. The wheels are electrical for greater production, but the end result is exactly the same as the traditional. Technically speaking the ceramic...

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Firing Ceramics

Our ceramics are baked in wood-kiln which confers to our products traditional ceramic color and high durability in extreme weather conditions. After the thoroughly dry of the pots, they placed in...

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