Ceramics Raw Materials

pottering clay

The raw materials of our ceramic are soil and water.

On special orders, we use glazing materials for decorative and practical purposes, since ceramics confer special colors and surface that is very close to porcelain.

All materials are ecological and the final products ares 100% safe for the human.

Firing Ceramics

pottery wood ciln

Our ceramics are baked in wood-kiln which confers to our products traditional ceramic color and high durability in extreme weather conditions.

After the thoroughly dry of the pots, they placed in the kiln and start the firing process.

The high firing temperatures, the techniques we apply, but also the specificity of wooden Kiln gives unparalleled characteristics to our Cretan ceramics.

'Thus it can be used in areas with very low but also high temperatures without altering and wear out, while their duration in time is actually great.

After firing the potteries are coming out from the kiln and watered thus completing the cycle of production.

In small vessels but also on special orders which required colors and glazing, firing is performed in an electric furnace.
There the absolute temperature control allows us to create ceramics with special requirements.


Cretan Ceramics - Creation

handmade pottery creation

We are creating our pots on pottery wheel. The wheels are electrical for greater production, but the end result is exactly the same as the traditional.

Technically speaking the ceramic manufactured in two main ways:

  • Small pots are created in one piece.
    After centering a certain amount of clay on the wheel, we mold it pulling to the desired height, and then we are giving the shape.
  • Larger pots are made in zones.
    First place the clay on the low wheel, and after the creation of the first zone we let it dry. Then we adding the second zone and so on. The largest pots can have 6 to 10 zones.

At the end, after the ceramic is dry we are creating the handles or "ears" as they called.

Depending on the requirements, we can apply engravings, drawings and glaze to give the final look.

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